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Cats aren’t known for their love of the open road. There are very few songs about people hitting the highway with their feline friends. Sometimes, however, you have to travel and Mittens needs to come along. Whether you’re moving or just going on a vacation, these tips will help make your cat’s trip easier and more pleasant for all involved.

Orbitz Coupons For Cat-Friendly Hotels

First off, not all hotels are cat friendly. And you definitely don’t want to leave your cat in the car overnight (the cat will never forgive you). You can search for cat-friendly hotels that are offering last-minute vacation packages on Orbitz and then you can map out your journey that way. If you aren’t having any luck with, then you can try, which has a list of pet-friendly hotels around the U.S. and Canada.

First: A Quick Vet Check (For Your Cat).

A few weeks before your start your trip you should check in with your cat’s veterinarian. They can ensure that your cat is healthy enough to travel. Some cats have a particularly hard time traveling and may benefit from medication to ease their anxieties. The vet can help you with this.

Adapt To The Crate

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Your cat may not enjoy the crate.

A day or two before you begin your trip you should set out your cat’s crate. Simply leave it open in an area of your house that your cat frequents. This will help to get your cat used to the crate. You may want to put a blanket or toy that your cat is fond of inside the crate.

The morning you leave for your trip you should make sure your cat has used the litter box and has gotten something to eat and drink. Then load the litter box into the car. Empty your cat’s food and water dishes and put them in the car as well. Load a bag of your cat’s food and make sure you have plenty of water for your cat and yourself. Once all luggage is in the car then you should put your cat into its crate and bring it into the car as well. You may want to put a puppy pad or a towel on the bottom of the crate in case your cat has an accident. A blanket will also make sure your cat has a more comfortable ride. Place your cat’s crate in a flat area where it is not likely to slide around.

The Cat Needs To Travel in the Crate.

While you are driving your cat must stay inside its crate. Every three to four hours you should stop and offer the cat food and water. Use the cat’s regular food and water dishes for this. Put the cat in its litter box so it has the opportunity to use it if needed. Do not leave the cat unattended for any length of time in the car. Remember that even comfortable temperatures can make the inside of a car extremely hot.

If you are going to have to stay at a hotel be sure to call ahead and find out their pet policy. When you stop, try to set up your cat’s food, water, and litter box as closely as you can to the way you have it at home. This will help make your cat feel more comfortable.

Your cat may be a little nervous staying in a different place. Give it time to acclimate and don’t take it personally if it doesn’t act like itself.

Cats may not be the world’s happiest travelers, but they are wonderful companions. Take the time to make sure your cat’s journey is as pleasant as possible.

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